What are nouns in English language?

Hello people, welcome to our English learning series. In our previous lessons on how you can start English learning online, we looked in details into clauses as well as the type of clauses. Today we will be looking at the noun.

The noun is one of the most common parts of speech. Basically, nouns play the function of naming people, things, and even places. Yes, nouns are that diverse. So when we talk about the names of people like Juliet, Barry, Brany, Rabul, Ahmed, these are all nouns. Also when we talk about names of things like car, bank, airplane, basket, these are equally nouns. Remember we said that nouns could also be the name of places. So places like Lumpur, New York, Paris, Beijing, Singapore, they are all nouns.


We have different types of nouns. We have the common nouns (which are also referred to as the proper nouns), the concrete nouns, the abstract nouns, the singular and plural nouns, we also have the collective nouns. Let us look at these types of nouns in our English learning lesson.

We will begin with common nouns and proper nouns. First, a proper noun is the noun of a place or the name of a person. So Malaysia as a name of a place (or country) is a proper noun. Rahul, Bernice, Jude which are all names of persons are also proper nouns. When writing proper nouns in English, you begin them with the capital letter. On the other hand, objects generally are common nouns. So animals, items and objects like plate, spoon, car, house, dogs are all common nouns. Common nouns generally refer to a general class of objects, animals (or entities).

Rahul is going to the mosque.

Rahul is a particular name of a person. There it is a proper noun and you can see it begins with a capital letter. The mosque there is a common noun. You can see it began with a small letter. Let us see other examples.

Malaysia is such a wonderful country.

In this sentence, Malaysia is the proper noun. It is the particular name of a country in Asia. The “country” here refers to a sovereign nation of people. The country is a common name as it generally refers to an entity.

So far in this our English learning lesson, we have been able to establish an introduction to nouns, going deeper into common and proper nouns. Follow us in our next lesson when we look at the other type of nouns mentioned in this lesson.


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