Looking at the other types of nouns

Welcome back to our series of how to improve your English online. In our last lesson, we introduced nouns and talked about proper and common nouns. We will be moving forward. Aside from common and proper nouns, we said we have another type of nouns. Let us start with concrete nouns and abstract nouns.   Concrete nouns just like they sound are concrete. Yes, they can be touched and seen. They are tangible to say and you can relate to them physically. Proper nouns and common nouns g...

Understanding nouns and their plural forms

Nouns and plurals
A majority of nouns as we know take their plural forms by the simple addition of ‘s’. We have nouns like boy, book, home taking 's' to become their plural form.   Let us see some quick examples here. Singular: The boy is going to the cinema. Plural: The boys are going to the cinema.   Singular: The book is for Abdul. Plural: The books are for Abdul.   However, it is not in every situation that it is right to add 's' to a singular noun to make it a plural...