Understanding Adjective Clauses

Adjective clauses
Hello, welcome to our teaching series where you can learn English online. Today in continuation of our previous lessons on knowing the clause, we will be looking at adjective clauses. Previously we talked of the noun clause which does the work of a noun and can replace the noun in the sentence. Adjectives clauses, first of all, are dependent clauses. From our previous lessons (please check previous blog posts), we learnt that dependent clauses need the main clause to complete their meaning he...

How you can form comparing adjectives

Comparison adjectives
Adjectives can be used in comparing. They tell us the extent of a particular situation or quality. We have adjectives like happy, sad which in their comparative forms can be used to measure the depth of someone's emotions. Generally, we have three types of comparison. There are three forms of comparison:   First is the positive comparison Next is the comparative comparison And last is the superlative comparison   Here we will be looking at adjectives that get th...