Looking at the other types of nouns

Welcome back to our series of how to improve your English online. In our last lesson, we introduced nouns and talked about proper and common nouns. We will be moving forward. Aside from common and proper nouns, we said we have another type of nouns. Let us start with concrete nouns and abstract nouns.



Concrete nouns just like they sound are concrete. Yes, they can be touched and seen. They are tangible to say and you can relate to them physically. Proper nouns and common nouns generally fall under concrete nouns. In the sentence we used in our last lesson:

Rahul is going to the mosque.

Rahul is a person, he can be seen, he can be touched as well. He is a concrete noun in this sense. The mosque in the sentence is a place of worship. It can be seen and it can be touched too just as we explained. Hence it is a concrete noun.

Moving over to abstract nouns, abstract nouns can’t be seen, they can’t they be touched felt either. In the very sense of the word, they are abstract. Abstract nouns can be emotions, achievements etc.

Mahmed is very angry at the moment.

Angry there is an emotion. You can’t touch it neither can you see it. You can only feel it.

I have completed my education.

Can you touch the education? No, you can’t. Can you see it as well? No.

These are what abstract nouns are.

We also have singular and plural nouns. Singular nouns mean just one item, person or entity. Plural nouns mean more than one. The dog is a singular noun, dogs is a plural noun. Wife is a singular noun, wives is the plural form. In our previous lessons of improving your English Language online, we have extensively covered singular nouns and plural nouns. Kindly endeavor to go through the link and brush up the lesson.


Lastly, we will be considering collective nouns. Collective nouns refer to a group of items or persons. Just a group generally. There are nouns you bring and you call the collective union of all such nouns one name. Let us take an example of a single noun like a soldier. When many soldiers come together, we have an army. An army there is the collective noun.

Also when you bring many singers together you can have a choir. Choir there is the collective noun.

When many stars come together, you have a galaxy. So let us look at the collective nouns we have mentioned so far.

An army of soldiers.

A galaxy of stars.

A choir of singers.
So there we come to the end of this lesson. We hope the lesson can improve your English. Follow us for more of our subsequent lessons of learning English online.

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