How far have we learned about clauses?

So far we have been trying to get ourselves into what clauses are about in our teaching series of learning English online. We have talked about the main clause, the subordinate clause, simple sentence, compound and complex sentence.

In this session, we are going to revise the previous lessons with more practices. A strong understanding of this is essential before we move any further. So let us revise our types of sentences.

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We will be starting with the Simple Sentence

The simple sentence as we said earlier has just one main clause. You already know that the main clause makes sense on its own, unlike the subordinate clause that depends on the main clause to complete its meaning. By now, you completely know how to identify the subject.

Learn English online with us today.

Jude is learning English online.

These are examples of simple sentences. Once again in this example above, the subject is Jude. While learning is the verb. Do you now get it?

As a tip of writing good English. Don’t use too simple sentences in a paragraph. It hampers the flow of the English and makes your communication too interrupted.

Next, we will be reviewing our compound sentences. As we have said earlier, the compound sentence is formed from the combination of two independent clauses. These two independent clauses are joined together by means of a coordinating conjunction. We have coordinating conjunctions like For, But, And, Nor, So etc.

So with these conjunctions, we can form compound sentences like:

John loves going to school but he is late for class today.

Jude likes playing football so he joined the Pepsi football academy.

Let us examine the first sentence: John loves going to school BUT he is late for class today.

Now you see that the BUT joins the two independent clauses. The first is Jude loves going to school. The second clause is He is late for class today.

Moving over to the next example: Jude likes playing football is the first independent clause joined to the second independent clause He joined the Pepsi football academy. The coordinating conjunction here is SO.

By now you fully should have understood what Compound sentences are.

Tip: Using “and” too many times in a sentence weakens the sentence and makes it boring as well as tiring to understand.

The last type of sentence we will be revising is the Complex sentence.

Just as we explained previously, you get a complex sentence by combining an independent clause and other dependent clauses. We have already explained dependent clauses which are otherwise known as subordinate clauses.

John plays football regularly but Bruce doesn’t play.


The independent clause is John plays football regularly while the independent clause is Bruce doesn’t play.

By now you completely have an idea of the types of sentences. This is the major essence of the revision lesson. Continue with us in our next lesson learning English online.


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