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We have over fifty four years of experience in teaching English. Since our foundation, we have taught English to learners of all levels, whether for examinations or for self improvement.

See below for the reasons why people are learning English around the world. The British Council estimates that one billion people are learning English now and that this number is increasing everyday.


The following is what the British Council says about learning English today:

  • English has official or special status in at least seventy five countries with a total population of 2 Billion.
  • English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million people and, as a second language, by another 400 million people.
  • Speakers of English as a second language probably outnumber those who speak English as a first language.
  • About 750 million people are believed to speak English as a foreign language.

People also learn English for the following reasons:

English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. When people of different languages, cultures, race or religion meet, the common language they use is English.
English is the mother tongue for about 400 million people around the world and 60 countries have given English the status of first or second language.
English is the language of Science and Technology. Due to British and American domination in world affairs over the last century, English is used worldwide as a common means of communication.

Approximately, 55% of all written content on the internet is in English. That means that, if you can read English, you will have more access to information than your non-English speaking peers. Also, with the increase in popularity of Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, as well as other social media sites, the possibility of native English speakers and non-native speakers interacting has greatly increased.

English is the language of the United Nations and it is the language used diplomats and in diplomatic communications. In today’s world, if you are proficient in English, you are able to meet and communicate with many more people, be it where you live, at work, online or wherever you go. Being able to speak multiple languages often provides you with more opportunities in life and work than those who speak only one language.

Increasing your proficiency in speaking and writing English could be an essential advantage in helping you keep your current job or getting better job opportunities. A more proficient English speaker is much better equipped to complete a fast sale of any product due to their enhanced conversational skills.

To enrol in prestigious schools or universities around the world, good spoken and written English is always a basic requirement.

In some countries, speaking English fluently is highly regarded and sought after leading to increased social status. This means that there are not many people that do speak English well and so, when they do, they stand out. When you learn to speak English fluently, you may find that other people think highly of you and your English speaking skills.

The importance of learning English cannot be overstated in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. Learning to communicate in English is vital to enter and, ultimately, to succeed in mainstream English speaking countries. Working knowledge of the English language can create many valuable opportunities in international markets.

English is the primary language of books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions, pop music and advertising. Over two-thirds of the world’s scientists read in English. Three quarters of the world’s mail is written in English. 80% of the world’s electronically stored information is in English.

Now let’s look at the courses we offer you:




The level of study is from Standard 3 upto 6. This course is suitable for those who want to speak English fluently. It is also suitable for students. Most of the lessons are based on conversations between people. This will help you to understand how to express yourself effectively in every situation. The course is suitable for office / blue collar workers and those who stopped going to school halfway through their lives.

What do you get for your money:

  • 4 DVDs
  • 2 Books – written in English
  • A beautiful Carry Bag (similar to laptop bag) in which you can keep your course materials.

Fee for this course: RM 309/- Now only RM 180/-

  • 4 audio CDs
  • 2 Books – written in English
  • A beautiful carry Bag (similar to a laptop bag) in which you can to keep the course materials.

Fee for this course: RM 219/- Now only RM 130/-


The level of study is from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. This course is suitable for those who are working in the office / blue collar workers who want to upgrade their conversational skills. This course is also suitable for students in secondary schools up to SPM and even STPM conversational levels. Currently available in audio format. Video lessons for this course will be available next year.

What do you get for your money?

  • 3 audio CDs
  • 2 Books – written in English
  • A beautiful Carry bag (similar to a laptop bag) in which you can to keep your course materials.

Fee for this course: RM 219/- Now only RM 130/-


The level of study is from Secondary 1 to SPM/STPM/Post-graduate levels. These lessons have been designed for students and adults who want to write better and more sophisticated English. Grammar is essential for any language. Without a proper understanding of grammar, one cannot correctly compose a proper readable sentence. This course is a goldmine for anyone who wants to upgrade their writing skills. Both students and teachers will find this course very useful in their daily lives. Currently available only in audio.

What do you get for your money?

  • 9 audio CDs
  • 2 Books – written in English – more than 300 pages
  • 1 Book – Model Answers
  • A beautiful Carry bag (similar to a laptop bag)in which you can to keep the course materials.

Fee for this course: RM 280/- Now only RM 170/-


We estimate that it will take our students from six months to a year to master Course 1 or 2 if they spend at least 1 hour a day on the lessons. Course 3 will take a longer time to master, as, English grammar can be complex and will require a larger investment of time. After six months of studying the course, please write to us, in English, about the progress you have made in your spoken and written English. We will forward you a beautifully printed Certificate validating your achievement.


We prefer payment by bank transfer. After payment is made, please complete the enrolment form provided in the website and send it to us with proof of payment by clicking the link Enrol.

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